Vision Rehabilitation Services

Generally referred to as VRT, this skill training includes a range of independent living and working skills. They include training in communications, daily household tasks, personal finance, technology, and other related areas. VRT is available for individuals age 3 and older, based on individual needs and goals.

Low Vision Services

This service generally means obtaining a low vision examination by a qualified eye care professional. AVRE now provides on-site low vision exams in its Norman Richterman Low Vision Center. Dr. Michael Lange, a licensed optometrist and certified low vision specialist who has a practice in Greene, NY, is available for appointments at the Center two days per month. Low vision exams are available for Individuals who have been declared legally blind by their eye care professional.

Diane McMillan, a certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist and Certified Low Vision Therapist, is available for Functional Vision Assessments in the Center two Fridays per month. Anyone who may be experiencing changes in their vision is eligible for a free assessment at AVRE.

The outcome of the low vision exam is often a recommendation for a special device for use in a specific environment. There is a range of devices, including prescribed magnifiers, special lenses for reading street signs, software packages for enlarging print and a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) for reading regular print or viewing pictures. For more information visit the Low Vision Center.

Orientation and Mobility

Specially trained professionals teach Orientation and Mobility skills to people who are blind or visually impaired. The training includes how to move about in various environments such as a home, school, or work. It involves teaching proper techniques for safe and effective travel with a long (white) cane. It also includes training on how to be aware of clues from the environment and knowing your location. This service is provided to individuals age 3 and older.

ACCESS-Tech Center

Our ACCESS-Tech Center is a resource room for AVRE consumers to come and try out the latest accessible computer technology, to practice adaptive computer skills, prepare a resumè, or to conduct a job search. ACCESS-Tech is equipped with computer stations that host the latest accessible computer software and hardware devices.

Consumers focused on higher education and employment are eligible for adaptive technology instruction, funded through the NYS Commission for the Blind. 

Case Management

This service is aimed at providing accurate and positive information to the person with the vision disability. Topics such as informational resources, peer groups, benefits, appropriate and available services and others can be discussed. 

Low Vision Adaptive Aids and Device

Health and Rehabilitation Staff assist individuals in selecting and learning to use a wide range of simple or complex aids and devices that can be used in work, learning, or living environments. Many items are kept in stock in our retail store, ViewPoint, and other items can be ordered on request. For more information visit ViewPoint Retail Store...